27 May 2021

Introduction into the workshops.
Workshops in parallel.

“Digitalization as an important factor to ease the access to Services of general interest. The case of E-Health.”

The Covid-19-crisis showed once more, how important a good access to health services is. Many rural and remote areas struggle hard with a decline in medical and health-care services. Digitalization has a potential to improve the accessibility to such services.

Therefore, we will discuss the following points during the workshop:

  • How can digitalization help to improve the access to health-services in rural areas?
  • Which good examples do you know?
  • How can digitalization in health services in rural areas be further strengthened and promoted?
  • What policy measures need to be undertaken?

Action Group 5 of EUSALP has already carried out a collection of some good practices on E-Health which can be found here: https://www.alpine-region.eu/publications/chances-e-health-basic-medical-care

The Alpine Think Tank on Services of general interest has also produced a Thesis paper, which can be found here: https://www.alpine-region.eu/publications/thesis-paper-sgi


Moderator and Input:
Gabi Troeger Weiss University of Kaiserslautern

How to overcome obstacles in the development of E-Health?
Hannah Bock-Koltschin s.ucin.o, Manager for Healthcare and social institutions

How digitalization helps to improve the access to health services
Mauro Grigioni
Head of the Italian National center for innovative technologies in public health.

MisMi, an integrated health model for an inclusive mountain
Marco Bazzani
Senior Researcher at Links foundation


Report from the workshops

Moderators of the workshops