27 May 2021

Introduction into the workshops.
Workshops in parallel.

“Future-proof digital infrastructures and platforms for the Alpine area”

What do we mean with “future-proof” for the next 20 years from now? What are the key digital infrastructures where to invest in the next years? What are strategic initiatives to successfully achieve this transformation for all Alpine territories?

We will start building a common vision from several perspectives:

  • Reliable connectivity infrastructures (NGA/VHCN) to widespread fixed and mobile access
  • Smart data strategies from regional data platforms to European cloud federation
  • IoT opportunities and distributed facilities for digital innovation in a community focused approach

We will explore the existing opportunities, integrate different points of view and experiences and draft an Alpine roadmap for implementing future-proof digital infrastructures and platforms, supporting through digital innovation and transformation the development and the resilience of territories.

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Carlo Vigna
Valle d’Aosta Region

Connectivity for the Alpine Region: European Perspectives and Funding Programmes
Franco Accordino
Head of Unit,
European Commission

Key infrastructures
to digitalize
marginalized areas
Jan Dröge
BCO Network

The contribution of EUSALP to close the gap
Paolo Perucci
Friuli Venezia Giulia

A federated data infrastructure for Europe and the Alps
Leonardo Camiciotti
Executive Director Top-IX Consortium (TBC)

An EUSALP DIH for the digital transition of marginal territories
Clive Peckham
Coordinator of CARPE DIGEM project


Report from the workshops

Moderators of the workshops