27 May 2021

Introduction into the workshops.
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“SmartSME’s - facilitate the access to digitalisation for SMEs in the field of natural fibres (final conference)”

This workshop invites participation from individuals with experience and/or interest in the field of digitalisation of SMEs and natural fibre value chains. This is the final conference of the EUSALP AG5 SmartSMEs project. The main aim is to provide information of main outputs of the project.

Related lead questions are:

  • What is the actual state of alpine SMEs in the natural fibre sector with regard to digitalisation?
  • What are obstacles on one hand and opportunities/potentials on the other hand for a digitalisation effort of SMEs?
  • What is the way ahead on an operational and policy level?

Finally the establishment of a network of facilitators that help SMEs in their access to digitalisation will be discussed. The workshop will provide participants with concepts, cases, and networks to further the application of their own work.

All project results are available under https://www.alpine-region.eu/projects/smart-smes


Peter Niederer

Digitalization in alpine SME’s: results of the SMARTSMEs case study,
Olga Boyarintseva, BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH

The unused potential,
Aida Kamisalic Latific, University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

A roadmap and an action plan for Value Chain building,
Elisa Morganti
HIT, Italy


The way ahead,
Mateja Dermastia, Anteja, Slovenia


Report from the workshops

Moderators of the workshops